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A Smart TelePhony Platform for Individual Business, Wholesale and Residential VoIP Service Providers! It is available as an open source solution. It means without any investment, one can start his telephony business using ASTPP.

ASTPP, being one of the most powerful VoIP Billing Software, thrives to benefit its users by providing a comprehensive telephony solution. This open source solution has lifted itself up from a mere VoIP billing solution to “A Smart TelePhony Platform”.

The latest version of ASTPP is provisioned with some advanced functional modules which are designed to eliminate the need of multiple solutions to run a VoIP business. It has integrated hosted IP PBX, Class 4/5 Softswitch, and complete invoicing and billing solution developed by leveraging Smart Technology.

Being A Smart TelePhony Platform, it can be used as a complete driving force for your VoIP business. At the same time, businesses can still use its comprehensive FreeSWITCH Billing solution as an integral part of their existing FreeSWITCH solutions.

Its striking and responsive user interface, finely segmented features in different access panels (Super Admin, Admin, Reseller, User) and remote access features make it simple to use and access to assure your business is well managed and easily reachable at all the time.

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Page: Account Management
This page outlines all accounts management related components of ASTPP Here you can manage account profile and profile related management for customers, resellers, providers and admin. Header_menu.png Customer Management We consider Customers (as Originat
Page: Account Number Range
The ASTPP system generates an account number based on its own algorithms. With this Add-on, user can create his own range of account numbers. Herhttp:// image2021-
Page: Account number range as per your requirements
We have addon named account number range , which is very important and useful in order to create client , provider and reseller account with your selected number range. In order to use this feature or configurations you need to install that addon , necess
Page: Addons
Page: Alarm addon
For this you need to install alarm addon from administrator -- addons After installing alarm addon you will get a option in the switch -- call alarm For creating alarm you need to click on option create alarm. After clicking on create you need will get di
Home page: ASTPP - A Smart Telephony Platform
ASTPP is an Open Source VoIP Billing Solution for Freeswitch. It supports pre-paid and post-paid billing with call rating and credit control. It also provides many other features such as calling cards, least cost routing (LCR), did management, resellers m
It is a kind of security feature in ASTPP. If someone from outside or inside opens your admin portal and during this which options or tabs they used you can check using the audit log. Right now I am accessing a portal using one of the WIFI network and if


Page: Billing Management
Invoices https://docs.astppbilling.org/display/itplmars/Invoices ASTPP is the first ever VoIP billing software which allows configuration of invoicing, billing and white label elements at both, main service provider aka admin account and Reseller account


Page: Call Barring
call_barring_list.png create_call_barring.png Name Name of the call barring profile. Number Destination number or prefix which you want to filter. Type White List : If admin have blocked specific range and still he/she wants to allow specific pattern then
Page: Call Detail Reports
Customer CDRs Report Customer_cdr_report.png Reseller CDRs Report reseller_cdrs_report.png Provider CDRs Report provider_cdrs_report.png
Page: Call Routing
image2021-3-10_14-49-1.png Call routing using for call routes based on sip devices, here we can routes call default also route different option like if sip device not register, Busy, No answer, routes call on sequence on other sip number or on PSTN number
Page: Call Summary Reports
Customer_cdr_report.png Reseller Summary Report reseller_cdrs_report.png Provider Summary Report provider_cdrs_report.png
Page: Carrier Management
In any VoIP business, call routing rules and strategies are really important. It not only works as defining factor in the customer experience, but it also drives revenues and ROI in the business. The ASTPP made sure to use the cutting edge technology, sma
Page: Charge History
Invoice most essential feature for any billing solution to control the volumes of services and prices of product and services but to provide complete detail of invoices is also most important for business transparency. Charge History is a report where any
Page: Ci_controler error
Sometimes you are using a portal and you have observed a Ci_controler error on your portal page Or while you are using ASTPP portal and due to some reasons you are getting below error as shared in screenshot. We will talk about the reasons behind that err
Page: Commission Report
Page: Community
Page: Company Profiles
In this module, you can define the company profile of admin and resellers. That will be useful in Portal and Invoice Personalization. company_profile_list.png company_profile.png Configuration Reseller Name of the reseller to whom this profile belongs to
Page: Conference
A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party merely liste
Page: Conference Controls
Inbound → Conference Controls Add/Edit https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/hV3iPQK_ue7EyvC32c8Pq1dVggksJm1tfVvzoeJKr791jDH4kNy-pCJY9Hyox0mdkIFyxcmLp41_GnoLHX7l9qQwuCc4GgnDdkyxlOvXCnkkS7MLMAfZFbms8IPfQehGEBsmxJtk Conference Controls Fields Value Description
Page: Conference Profile
Menu Location : Inbound → Conference Profiles Conference Profile Fields Value Description Profile Name Identify Profile using name and select in conference Description Add some description for particular profile Created Date Display create date of Profil
Page: Configurations
Page: Contribute to Git
Steps to contribute your changes / patches in open source repository. Preparing your Fork Hit ‘fork’ on Github, creating e.g. yourname/theproject Clone your project: git clone git@github.com mailto:git@github.com:yourname/theproject. Create a branch: cd t
Page: Cron configs and possible modifications
We have crons for every alerts like , all the customer alerts , addon alerts and you can check the cron running time and configurations PATH : Configurations > crons Here you can see last execution date and next execution date and from that you can mon
Page: Cron not run automatically
Problem After setup cron in crontab some time cron not working automatically due to behind net or forwarding IP related issue. Solution Try with set local IP or localhost or public IP. Here is example : Low balance default cron set is like wget --no-check
Page: Customer Management
Customer is the key entities or most important part of the system. that's why we have focused more on customer management and try to give more features or access for admin as much as we can offer. that reduce admin's efforts for customer management. Custo


Page: Decimal points
In the rates and in billing after point (10.4444) how many digits you want to allow or see. You can set that value from decimal points. If you set that value 2 then you will see only 2 digits after point.(10.44) Configuration - Settings - Global - Decimal
Page: DID Forwarding
Inbound -> DIDs -> Forwarding Fields Description Call Type Here select different call type according to wants routes call on destination in next field select/input value and check checkbox if route to call if Sip device not pickup call.
Page: DIDs
add_did_product.png This page allows to know everything about the DIDs management. How admin can upload DID numbers and offer it to the reseller and customers. Also it will guide you how resellers or customer can purchase the DID numbers from panel. Crea
Page: Domains
In multi tenant PBX system, we need unique domain per customer by which customer will do sip registrations and calls. ASTPP system generates unique domain name based on the domain which admin has configured in Company Profile. Accounts → Customer → Doma


Page: Email to Fax
Email2Fax is a service that allows you to send an email so that it is received as a fax. The sender can send an attachment as a normal email and that will be received by the receiver through a fax machine. Setup (Configuration → Settings → FAX) Configure


Page: Fail2ban
Fail2Ban is an intrusion prevention system that works by scanning log files and then taking action based on the entries in those logs. You can configure Fail2Ban in a way that will update iptables firewall rules when an authentication failure threshold is
Page: Fax to Email
This feature allows the customers to receive normal fax and get it to email in PDF format. Setup Inbound → DIDs → Forwarding screenshot- Field Description Call Type Set Call Type FOIP for receive fax on DID number Dest
Page: Faxes
This module is having a list of Faxes that have been sent and received. Configuration → APFaxer → Faxer fax_list.png Fields Description Accounts Display fax account number Fax Type Display fax type if that sent or received SIP Device Display SIP Device
Page: Feature Code
Feature codes are used to enable and disable certain features available in ASTPP. Extension users can dial feature codes on sip device to use that particular feature. Admin have only access to change or modify number of feature code, customer not able to
Page: FoIP (Fax over IP)
foip_icon.png Introduce efaxing for your staff or customers with the ASTPP FoIP module. The FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) lets you take benefit of a comprehensive eFaxing system, also known as Fax Server Solution. It supports three different modes of
Page: FreeSwitch
Please visit https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Performance+Testing+and+Configurations https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Performance+Testing+and+Configurations URL.
Page: FreeSwitch database corrupted
Problem FreeSwitch console showing switch_core_sqldb.c:404 SQL ERR [database disk image is malformed] error Solution Locate your FreeSwitch database files location: #ls -lh /var/lib/freeswitch/db or /usr/local/freeswitch/db Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 8.23.0
Page: Fund transfer
Fund transfer is for transfer balance inside customers. For below example we have 2 customers 1. Is having 0 balance and 2. Is having 398315.5800 balance. image2021-2-9_13-28-3.png This fund transfer is possible only from inside the customer portal. N


Page: Getting Started


Page: How can we change SIP registration domain for customers?
In the ASTPP system, admin only will be able to change the subdomain for customers. Steps Login as Admin account. Navigate to Accounts → Customers menu Open customer account in Edit mode by clicking on Account Number. account_number.png On top right side
Page: How exchange rate works?
With 170+ Currencies supported currencies in ASTPP, For currency exchange services ASTPP using third-party services to manage currency conversion process. About 3rd party integrations. Fixer_key.png If you are using third party (Fixer) services for the cu
Page: How the calling card works?
Calling card is one kind of prepaid calling system in which customers can buy a printed card from the market or from the internet. along with the card, they will get the account number and PIN number. Users can do top up to their account and dial the acce
Page: How the low balance alert works? [Enterprise]
Low balance notification alert developed to send alert to customer to notify about the low balance of account. It works based on defined threshold. when balance or account credit goes below a certain threshold then system immediately send an email alert t
Page: How to add country in origination rates
Here we are adding origination rate and we are not having country field in it. as shown in below screenshot. Because if we add any other entries while importing the rates, the entry will be mismatched and give error in uploading. So if you want to add cou
Page: How to add new language in ASTPP?
1. Get the source code of ASTPP https://github.com/iNextrix/ASTPP from the Git. 2. Then copy the demo language addon (language_demo) from the given path ASTPP/web_interface/astpp/addons/Community/language_demo/ Demo language addon has complete directory s
Page: How to change fax parameters when FoIP installed?
When you have FoIP Addon installed, we set the required parameters by default from the scripts. The parameters are, t38_passthru=true fax_enable_t38_request=true fax_use_ecm=false fax_v17_disabled=false fax_disable_v17=true fax_enable_t38=true fax_transf
Page: How to change FreeSWITCH event socket password?
mod_event_socket is TCP-based interface to control FreeSWITCH. ASTPP is using it to get live information from FreeSWTICH command line to GUI and commanding FreeSWITCH from GUI. FreeSWITCH command line interface connection is password protected. Default pa
Page: How to check and reload the profiles of FreeSWITCH?
ASTPP is loading profiles in FreeSWITCH using xml_curl module. The flow is, FreeSWITCH xml_curl module → Nginx web server → Php code → Database Connection → Profile load ASTPP's FreeSWITCH profile name is 'default'. Bound with server IP and default SIP po
Page: How to check ODBC connection?
FreeSWITCH is not supporting MySQL natively. We need ODBC application programming interface for accessing MySQL. To check the ODBC connection you can execute below Linux terminal based command. isql -v ASTPP astppuser Because ASTPP setup has already confi
Page: How to configure package for reseller?
ASTPP does not allow resellers to add their own packages on system but reseller having facility to reseller Admin’s packages to customers by adding some margin. Instructions Step by step guide to reseller admin’s package. Login as a reseller Navigate to m
Page: How to Contribute
1. Become a tester and report bugs in the bug tracker: Here is the link https://jira.astppbilling.org/projects/ASTPPCOM/issues https://jira.astppbilling.org/projects/ASTPPCOM/issues 2. Write or improve our project documentation: Which is me :) 3. Become a
Page: How to Install ionCube Loader?
ionCube loader is a PHP extension (module) that enables PHP to load files protected and encoded using ionCube Encoder software, which is mostly used in commercial software applications to protect their source code and prevent it from being visible and det
Page: How to stop DID from getting released or DID billing
Go in to that DID edit and check the billing type. DID have 3 types of billing One time Recurring Recurring monthly. image2020-11-26_18-31-13.png You can check billing type in above screenshot. One time If you will select one time then it will ask you fo
Page: How to use another domain for SIP registration than portal domain for personalization when PBX addon installed?
Purpose ASTPP system offers personalization and to handle that, we use the domain on which customers send the request to access UI and SIP registration. However, that will work when you have UI, and FreeSwitch/Opensips on the same server as a personalized
Page: How to use localization in ASTPP4?
Localization is better version of 'Number Translation' in ASTPP3.6 Localization will be applicable to account. You will find it, Switch > Localizations Like 'Number Translation' what ever part of the number you want ASTPP4 to cut you will mention it under


Page: If you are using mysql, make sure you are using MYODBC 3.51.18 or higher and enable FLAG_MULTI_STATEMENTS
Problem In some cases, when you enable odbc-dsn in sip-profile and reload Sofia profile, FreeSwitch gives you an error like below: 2020-06-11 07:30:48.559653 [DEBUG] sofia.c:3158 Creating agent for default 2020-06-11 07:30:48.559653 [ERR] switch_odbc.c:5
Page: Installation
Quick Installation Guide Quick installation will install ASTPP 4.0.1 in scratch system only. wget --no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iNextrix/ASTPP/v4.0.1/install.sh -O install.sh chmod +x install.sh ./install.sh Looking for Cloud Ho
Page: International Credit
Leverage an additional layer of control over your international calling business. You can set exclusive balance allowed for international calling to a specific account. This balance is exclusively assigned for international calling and differs from the no
Page: Invoices
Invoice most essential feature for any billing solution to control the volumes of services and prices of product and services, Invoices section of ASTPP having many functionalities like automatic billing for postpaid customers, Incoming/Outgoing call bill
Page: IVR
Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad. An IVR system is usually better for customization to routes DID on different PBX feature Ex: Suppos



Page: Knowledge base


Page: Language addon not working after installing and choosing it.
We are going to install Japanese language addon , You can find the necessary screenshot in below. Administrator -- get addons -- Japanese language Language1.png After installing we are selecting Japanese language in below language but it still not making
Page: Letsencrypt configuration
Follow the instruction for Deb-9. Let us add a repo for the Certbot package installation. apt install software-properties-common sudo sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-certbot-nginx ===> Open Serve
Page: Local Number
Distribute same DID numbers with multiple customers. To identify the destination of DID, use caller id. Use Local Numbers to make cheap calls abroad from your mobile or landline to Save these numbers to your phone and call them directly at our low rates.
Page: Localization
Localization is better version of 'Number Translation' in ASTPP3.6 Localization will be applicable to account. You will find it, Switch > Localization Like 'Number Translation' what ever part of the number you want ASTPP4 to cut you will mention it under


Page: Mass create customer
Mass Create This option you will get in Accounts - Customer - Customer -Mass create. Check below screenshot for reference. image2021-2-9_16-5-5.png This feature you can use while you want to create customers in bulk. By simply filling configurations ins
Page: Multi Tenant IP PBX
pbx_icon.png Multi Tenant IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally (within their compa
Page: Multiple ways to configure DID routing
ASTPP system has multiple ways to route the DID calls to Destination. DID Destination options without addons DID_destination.png DID Destination options with addons (PBX, FoIP) screenshot- Default Call Type DID-Local
Page: MySQLTuner
Database tuning is an expansive topic, and this guide covers only the basics of editing your MySQL configuration. Large MySQL databases can require a considerable amount of memory. Navigate to the /opt directory on your server and download the latest ver


Page: Number Of Default Rows on page
In customer ,provider , sip device , termination rates , etc. there is by default 10 value set per page. Doc3.png Doc2.png


Page: Orders
Order List image-20190827-055359.png Order Add Category Select the category by default the package will be selected. Reseller Listing of reseller’s. Accounts Listing of accounts here. Product Listing of package which is created by admin Payment Method The
Page: Origination Rates
Origination Rates is a part of routing management. Routing management have two part one is for customer and second is for termination part. ASTPP offer facility to manage rates through origination rates management. This module have facility to Add, Edit,
Page: Overview of ASTPP
A Smart TelePhony Platform for Individual Business, Wholesale and Residential VoIP Service Providers! It is available as an open source solution. It means without any investment, one can start his telephony business using ASTPP. ASTPP, being one of the mo


Page: Packages
This module is designed to provide flexibility to manage and control client packages. Admin can assign packages to any customer and client can also order the packages from client panel. Apart from the subscription of the product it has detail information
Page: Performance Improvement
Page: Pickup Group
Pickup group allows to answer other pickup group members calls from sip device. You can also answer calls to other pickup groups provided those groups are associated with your own. If you are a member of a pickup group, then you can pickup calls. Customer
Page: Ported Number
Specifically designed and developed to benefit VoIP service providers in South Africa. Add additional service of mobile and GNP number portability for numbers in South Africa as well as administer the whole arrangement.
Page: Product And Services
Page: Product Refill
We are going to check that how to refill the product , for that please check below path and process. In the Services - Product - Product category - refill. image2020-12-23_10-43-27.png We are filling some details in here. Name , Description and amount you
Page: Provider Management
Provider management is same as customer management. in ASTPP we are having combine page to manage customer and provider accounts. ASTPP having facility to manage provider as a customer specially for inter connect business. Whatever the functionality we ar


Page: Queue
Queue is a call center app which allows you to make custom call queues with assigned priorities. FIFO stands for "First In, First Out". As calls enter the queue, they are arranged in order so that the call that has been in the queue for the longest time w
Page: Quick Start
Here are the steps to configure the basic system: Create Rate Group. Tariff -> Rate Groups Select Trunk in Rate Group Add Origination Rates. Tariff -> Origination rates (Pattern example : 1, 235) Add Gateway under your SIP Profile. Carriers -> Gateways Ad


Page: Rate clone
This feature is useful when you want to duplicate the origination rates. It will create the same rate group as a default rate group and duplicate all the origination rates same as default one. Here we are going to show you this by example. Here we have ra
Page: Rate Group Management
Rate Group List Rate_group_list.png Rate Group Add Rate_group_add.png BASIC Reseller Reseller is parent entity of this Rate Group who is owner of this group. Name Name of Rate Group use for identification. Routing Prefix If you are offering prefix based r
Page: Ratedeck
Ratedeck is a list of codes and destination with country and call type options. Ratedeck is useful for Origination Rates configuration. Ratedeck List ratedeck_list.png Ratedeck Add Ratedeck_add.png Code Code is a destination prefixes. Destination Destinat
Page: Recording
In PBX we gives option to upload own file to customer, customer can upload IVR greetings, callback tone,invalid message,Conference welcome message, ring group greetings and all other places where needed. Menu Location : Inbound -> Recording Fields Value D
Page: Refill Coupons
It is a kind of top-up customer purchase from an admin . Let’s check how it will work. In the admin you will find -Services - refill coupons option In here admin will create coupons and admin can provide that coupon number to their customers for recharge
Page: Refill Report
Refill_report.png It will show you the recharge history of all customer /provider/ reseller. It will include all the details of date and time in it. For which account you have done that refill. It will show the payment method that if you have done manua
Page: Reports
image2021-3-9_17-40-4.png CDRs FIELD Date Date indicate exact date and time when the call was originated Caller ID Caller ID Called Number Destination number where call has been originated SIP User If call has been originated by the registered user then i
Page: Requirement
Minimal System Requirement 2GB RAM 40GB Hard drive 64 bit OS (Centos 7 / Debian 9) Dedicated server IP 100 Mbps connection VoIP Requirement Termination gateway to route outbound calls DIDs to receive incoming calls If you're a carrier and would like to ad
Page: Reseller Management
reseller_list.png reseller_add.png
Page: Ring Group
Ring group is group of extensions (SIP Devices) which you want to call on same time when someone call DID number. Inbound → Ring Group Adding a Ring Group ringgroup_add.png Fields Description Name Set ring group unique name Ring Strategy Select from the
Page: Roles & Permission Management
ASTPP having features to control resellers and admin access for core modules using roles and permission module. User can create multiple roles with different permissions and control their resellers or sub admins access. Also it allows you to create new ro
Page: Routing Management
This chapter describes about the routing capabilities of ASTPP. It helps to design call routing flow for your business. Here ASTPP allows to configure routing for both the parts i.e. originator and termination. One can design a call flow for the customers


Page: Schedule Report
Automate reporting function with this add-on. Create multiple reports and schedule those to be sent automatically to predefined email address on a specific interval.
Page: Secure Freeswitch
vim /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/event_socket.conf.xml <param name=”password” value=”<SET STRONG PASSWORD>”/> Restart freeswitch service #service freeswitch restart 1. Login to ASTPP portal and Open Switch -> Freeswitch Server page. 2. Edit
Page: Secure Portal
Login to ASTPP portal Open Accounts -> Admins page Set a strong password for Admin Always use strong passwords to keep system secure.
Page: Security
Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels.
Page: Settings
Global Decimal Points Set decimal points to use throughout the system (Default value: 4) Base Currency Set base currency of the system Please be sure to setup the base currency at the time of the initial setup. The entire system will do currency conversio
Page: Setup
Page: Showing table 'astpp.packages_view' doesn't exist in FS_CLI
Problem After installation calls are failing with "table 'astpp.packages_view' doesn't exist" error. 2019-09-17 14:32:07.192375 [DEBUG] switch_cpp.cpp:1365 [ASTPP] [GET_PACKAGE_INFO] Query :SELECT *,P.id as package_id,P.product_id as product_id FROM pack
Page: SIP Clients / Softphones
ASTPP Windows PC Dialer: http://bit.ly/2wHwaqf%20 http://bit.ly/2wHwaqf%20 Android Softphone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inextrix.astppdialer&hl=en_IN https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inextrix.astppdialer&hl=en_IN i
Page: Subscription
Add Subscription Product add_subscription_product.png Product Category Select the category of subscription.By default the package will selected. Name Name of subscription want to create. Description Description for the subscription. Buy Cost Define the bu
Page: Switch monitoring
You need to install this addon from addons in order to use it and you can see description of addon in below screenshot. image2020-11-19_12-35-42.png After installation Switch monitoring you will see 4 options of this addon under switch menu as shared in b


Page: Tarrif Management
To categorize features and fees, the VoIP service providers often create rate groups and / or tariff plans. The customers can enjoy the features and get charged as per the subscribed Rate Group / Tariff. ASTPP allows users of this Smart Telephony Platform
Page: Taxes
Taxes_list.png Taxes_add.png Name Name it as you needed Type Default Priority You can set the priority , lower the number higher the priority. 0 is the highest priority Amount You can set the amount of tax you want to add Rate ('%') You can add how much p
Page: Templates
account_refilled Account recharge notification template create_account New customer welcome notification template create_sip_device New SIP Device notification template new_invoice New invoice notification template low_balance Low balance notification tem
Page: Termination Rates
Termination Rate List Termination_rates_list.png Termination Rates Add Termination_rates_add.png Trunk Trunk for which the termination rate is being added Code The Code/Prefix of the termination rate Destination The destination country and/or type, i.e. S
Page: Time Conditions
Time conditions is used to manage call flow based time and date. Time Condition make a time group. You can set Time Conditions for DID(inbound call). When a call come on DID and route in Time Condition destination, the PBX will check the current system ti
Page: Too many php-fpm process issue
* If the portal is taking more time to load the complete portal & from konsole if you find many process running by php-fpm service. Then it might be due to larger amount of emails which is used by cron, you can test by below command. "curl https://www.dom
Page: Training
Page: Troubleshooting articles
Page: Trunks
Trunk List Trunk_list.png Trunk Add Trunk_add.png Name Name of the trunk for identification. Provider Select appropriate provider which is associated with this specific trunk. Gateway Name Select the Gateway where you want to terminate the call using thi


Page: Upgrade
Upgrade Steps from 4.0 to 4.0.1 Pull new source from git repository cd /opt/ASTPP/ git pull origin v4.0.1 Update database changes mysql -u<DB_USER> -p astpp < database/astpp-4.0.1.sql Open config file /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf and set below lines i


Page: Voicemail in ASTPP
Voice message This is for sip to sip calls. For example you have 2 sip devices under the customer as below. Now we are dialing call from one sip device 38xx to 22xx but due to some reason or unavailability 22xx sip device rejected or not accepted call. O


Page: Web to Fax
This feature allows the customers to send the fax in various formats from the web portal. Configuration → APFaxer → Faxer → Create Fields Description SIP Device Select your SIP Device which you want to use to send Fax. The system will use selected SIP Dev
logowhite.pngWHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control. Purpose Create an accoun





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