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This page allows to know everything about the DIDs management. How admin can upload DID numbers and offer it to the reseller and  customers. Also it will guide you how resellers or customer can purchase the DID numbers from panel.

Create DID Product

Admin can create DIDs manually from the admin panel with the respective fields and those DIDs  reseller or customer can add it on their account.

Product Category

Select the category DID.By default the package will selected.


Number to create DID.


Select the provider for the DID.


Select the country for which country the DID is created.

Buy Cost

Define the buy cost for the reseller or other entity.


City for the which DID is creating.


Province for the which DID is creating.


Select the status for the DID active or inactive.

Connection Cost

Connection fee to charge customer minimum when their call will be connected

Grace Time (Sec.)

Define seconds will be free from the call duration for each call


Cost per minute

Initial Increment


Rate of increment to calculate call cost.Example : 60 to charge every minute

Setup Fee

Setup fee for theDID.


Monthly cost for the DID.

Call Timeout (Sec.)

Call will automatically hang up after ringing call timeout seconds.

Billing Type

Select the billing type, if one time than the subscription will be assigned one time than terminate and if recurring is select than the subscription will renew as the billing days is defined.

Billing Days

Billing days for the subscription.

Concurrent Calls

Its define how many calls are running on the same time.

Reseller Panel

  • In the above screenshot , It is reseller login and if reseller wants to purchase that DID then they will need to click on "Buy DIDs"  .

  • After clicking on  "Buy DIDs" it will show all the available DID from admin and reseller can purchase it those available DID by paying for that DID charges.
  • You can see in above screenshot that after clicking on "Buy DIDs"  it is showing available DID's. 
  • In order to purchase DID you need to purchase that DID by clicking on " Purchase"