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Automate reporting function with this add-on. Create multiple reports and schedule those to be sent automatically to predefined email address on a specific interval.

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Schedule report is basically used for getting the reports via email to the system administrator based on the recurring type.

Schedule report consist these three account type :

  1. Customer

  2. Reseller

  3. Provider

Steps for install

  • Click on the Get Addons.

  • Click on the Enterprise.

  • Click on the install button from Schedule Report.

Key Features

  • Custom report creation with different filters

  • Automated email for custom and standard reports

  • Exportable CSV file


Menu Location : Reports -> Schedule Report

After selecting setting up  your needed details configuration in above configurations filters or after filling required details you need to click on save.




Report Description

Enter the name of the report for identifications

Account Type

Select the account type 1 customer 2 reseller 3 provider


Select the account based on the entity selection

Recurring Type

Please select the recurring type for the getting report via email

Called Number

Please enter filter called number from cdrs which you want to get.


Please select the country filter


Please enter duration as per cdrs


Please enter the amount you want to get the report between range.


Please select Disposition type

Email ID

Please enter the email id where you want to get the email

Field List

Please select the field from drop down which you want to get in the csv fi