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Add Subscription Product

Product Category

Select the category of subscription.By default the package will selected.


Name of subscription want to create.


Description for the subscription.

Buy Cost

Define the buy cost for the reseller or other entity.

Can be purchased

Select if customer can purchase this product or not. If yes than each customer can purchase it. If no than no customer see this subscription. Than this subscription is for particular customer that admin can only assign to that particular customer.


Select the status for the subscription active or inactive.

Reseller can resell

Define yes if reseller can resell it or no if admin create the subscription for his own purpose than reseller is unable to purchase the created subscription.


Commission is defined by admin, if reseller resell the admin subscription.

Setup Fee

Setup fee for the subscription.


Price for the subscription.

Billing Type

Select the billing type, if one time than the subscription will be assigned one time than terminate and if recurring is select than the subscription will renew as the billing days is defined.

Billing Days

Billing days for the subscription.

Rate Group

Select the rate group of customer.

Apply to Existing Customer

If the rate group is selected and apply on existing customer is yes than the subscription is assigned to the selected rate group.If no than the subscription will not assigned to any customer.

Release if no balance

If rate group selected,apply on existing customer is yes and release if no balance is yes than it will check the balance of customer, and if the balance is sufficient then and than package is apply to customer else it will not.

Email Notification

Check if the allow notification to the customer if rate group is selected.