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It is a kind of top-up customer purchase from an admin .

Let’s check how it will work.

In the admin you will find -Services - refill coupons  option In here admin will create coupons and admin can provide that coupon number to their customers for recharge purpose.

You can see the refill coupon section will look like above.

In here there are 4 fields.

  1. Description - You can add description which is suitable to you
  2. Start Prefix -- From which digits you want to start your coupon number with.
  3. Quantity -- How many number of coupon you want to create.
  4. Amount -- How much amount of coupon you want to create.

We are setting below configurations please check below screenshot.

1.Description -- TESTING

2.Start Prefix  -- 12

3.Quantity -- 5

4.Amount - 10

We save the above configurations. After that it will look like the below.

You can see that as per our prefix all the 5 coupons added which are starting with 12 also the number of coupons are 5 and with an amount of 10.

There you can see another 2 options of used and used date, right now it is marked as a false because it is not used also the date is blank because it didn't get purchased. 

Now we are logging in to the customer account and going to purchase these coupons. In order to purchase, customers will need to have a coupon number.

In order to purchase coupons you need to click on 

Services - Top-up - Use voucher

We have shared one of the coupon numbers with the client and now the client is going to purchase that coupon.

Once you click on Use voucher it will ask you for a coupon number.

After putting a coupon number , click on add.

Client was having 0 balance before we have added coupons , After adding coupons you can see in below screenshot that client is recharged with 10

We are adding one more coupon to this client now.

For that you need to go in customer login and from  Services - Topup - Use voucher - add coupon number.

After that we are going to check customer balance , You can see that customer is now having a top-up of 10 with that coupon.

So , The customer was having balance 0 , after we have added 2 

Coupons of 10 and it is now having balance 20.

Let's check the refill coupon section in admin Now You can see in below screenshot it is showing which customers have purchased those 2 coupons.

Used option for those 2 coupons is marked as true now also used date is updated for those 2 coupons.

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