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Pickup group allows to answer other pickup group members calls from sip device.

You can also answer calls to other pickup groups provided those groups are associated with your own.

If you are a member of a pickup group, then you can pickup calls.

Customer pickup call using feature code.

Inbound -> Pickup Group





Identify Pickup group using name


Create Pickup group under selected account.


Add some description for particular Pickup group.

Created Date

Display create date of Pickup group.

Modified Date

Display last modified Pickup group date.


Set Pickup group status Active/Inactive

  • Pickup group select in SIP Routing option

Allow Pickup Group

  • Allow pickup group to allow sip device to pickup  call to selected pickup group.
  • Here we can select multiple pickup Group

Pickup Group

  • Select pickup group to allow someone to pickup call on selected group
  • Here we can select multiple pickup Group

Ex. Let's say their is a two customer Bob and John and we create three pickup group one,two and three and select one in Bob pickup Group and one in John Allow pickup group.

Now someone call on John extension and John not on his place so Bob can dial pickup group feature code and then dial John extension so Bob can pickup John's call on his extension because John allow one pickup group to pickup call and Bob set pickup group one.

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