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This module is having a list of Faxes that have been sent and received. 

Menu Location

Configuration →  APFaxer →  Faxer



AccountsDisplay fax account number

Fax Type

Display fax type if that sent or received

SIP Device

Display SIP Device information by which fax has been sent

Fax Number

Display Fax number on which system has sent fax or system has received fax 

Fax Format

Display fax type (Text / File)

File Name

Display fax filename


  • Pending: The system accepted the Fax but waiting for the next cron execution to process it. 
  • Processing: The system is processing to send a fax.
  • Send: The system has successfully sent a fax. 
  • Fail: The system is unable to send a fax. It will mark it fails after completing the number of retires that you have defined in Fax Configuration.

Send Date

Display Fax date on which fax sent or received